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Recreation / Recreación

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Offering programs in the following areas:

Adult Classes   
Adult Fitness  


Early Childhood




Youth Athletics 

Youth Classes                                                                                                                       


3701 Scoville Avenue
Phone: 708-788-1701

"The Park District administrative office, board meeting room, and preschool classroom are all located here. This park also features a lighted, synthetic field turf soccer field, picnic area, children’s water park, and playground area."


6445 W. 27th Place
Phone: 708-795-2891

"The Park District’s newest facility features a gymnasium with a full basketball court, stage, spacious kitchen, a multi-purpose room, and plenty of parking."

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6501 W. 31st. St.
Phone: 708-795-2892, Ext. 3402

"It is the Berwyn Recreation Departments intention to promote, initiate and operate leisure, athletic and recreational activities for citizens of all ages. This department maintains and staffs over 23 acres of park and play lot grounds and three community pools."


1820 S. 51st Ave.
Phone: 708-652-3545

"Clyde Park District operates 11 playgrounds, five community centers, two full-size swimming pools, and three wading pools at sites throughout Cicero.


Phone: 708-863-6511
Provides recreational services and opportunities to residents of the district

"he Hawthorne Park District, incorporated in 1927, provides recreational services and opportunities to the residents of the District. These services include various recreational programs, park management, capital development and general administration. The Hawthorne Park District through WSSRA offer recreation programs for Cicero residents of any age with special education needs, physical impairments, vision or hearing loss or any other disability."

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1619 Wesley Av. Berwyn, Il, 60402
Phone: 708-749-4900

"Art, Dance, Fitness, Sports, Theater. Whatever your choice, let North Berwyn Park District be your resource!"

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2947 S. Oak Park Avenue
Phone: 708-749-0606

"At the Y, strengthening community is our cause; we work side-by-side with our neighbors every day. Our approach helps us make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive."

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